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Birmingham Depot

Plus UK logistics has helped businesses across the UK with their delivery. Find out what our white-glove delivery experience can do for you.

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What makes us different

White Glove Delivery

Our White-Glove service is for items that require special handling, unpacking, inspection, or setup.


With warehouses across the UK, we have a distribution network that is ready to work for you.

Tracked Fleet

Our satellite tracked fleet means better ETAs, and tracking of your cargo at a moments notice.


Our network of UK depots and transport network, designed to help your business grow.

Final Mile Delivery

Polite, and professional staff, make the final mile and customer contact as smooth as possible.

Delivery Expertise

With expertise in demanding city centre deliveries and delivery to offices, we go the extra mile

White Glove Delivery

What is white glove delivery? It means something different to every logistics company, so it can be confusing, as no two white glove services will be the same.

For us, white glove delivery means offering a premium logistics and delivery service. We delivery items where you need them, not just to the door.

This can mean we unpack or install items, or that the item itself needs special considerations during transport or storage.

Final Mile Delivery.

Final mile delivery means we are experinced at delivering items to the end user, and not just from warehouse to warehouse.

Polite, and professional staff, make the final mile and customer contact as smooth as possible.


Final Mile Delivery.


We have warehouses situated across the UK, with a fleet of vehicles, so that we are never far from where you need us.

We have helped clients with their warehousing and picking needs, helping them save time and money on renting their own warehouses, vehicles, and staff.

Tracked Fleet.

Our vehicle fleet is satellite tracked, with real-time updates, which brings an added level of security and the ability to update you with progress and ETAs.

Our full range of vehicles include HGV curtain-siders, HGV (hard-side with tail lifts),  7.5-ton trucks, Luton vans and small vans and more, so there is a vehicle for every requirement. Satellite-tracked, for your convenience.

Tracked Fleet.


Our network of UK depots and our robust transport network which includes a range of vehicles including HGV curtain-sided vehicles, HGV hard-sided vehicles with tail-lift, 7.5-ton trucks with tail lifts, and Luton vans with tail-lifts.

Our network is designed to help your business grow. Saving you money on overheads including your own warehouses, vehicles, and staff.

Delivery Expertise.

With our years of expertise in demanding city centre deliveries, we go the extra mile!

Whether we are delivering to a specific floor, office, person or building, we always go above and beyond.

Our white glove service means we can unpack or install items, as per your requirements.

Delivery Expertise.

Tail Lifts.

Our hard-side HGVs, 7.5-ton trucks and Lutons are all equipped with cantilever tail lifts, with a lifting capacity of 2000kg, so that moving large items or pallets is a simple task.

Careful care and attention are given to each job, and we always strive for excellent service - white glove service. We go the extra mile!


ULEZ Vehicles.

With our frequent deliveries in and around London and other urban areas, it is important to have a fleet of ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) compliant vehicles. We understand the importance of low emissions and our entire fleet, nationally, is ULEZ compliant!

Our national fleet of ULEZ vehicles makes central London and city centre deliveries a breeze - and is a breath of fresh air for the whole of the UK 🙂


PlusUK Logistics Birmingham


From our Birmingham depot, you have access to the rest of the UK via our delivery network. Next working day delivery is standard for most tasks, depending on the distance required between collection and delivery.

Our Birmingham depot is perfectly positioned to offer Birmingham and the surrounding areas a first class logistics service, providing final-mile delivery and white-glove service when required.

Our experience with city centre delivery means we provide a delivery service that delivers to an office, or a desk, not just to the warehouse doors, or drop-off point.

If you need any help then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

RTP for Retail, Distribution, and Logistics

 We can collect your package, and place it into one of our plastic crates during transit, giving it far superior protection during transit that other forms of packaging. These crates can also be cable tied with numbered security seals when CoC (Chain of Custody) is important.